Telling my Truth: My Mentally Controlling Relationship.

I would first like to start off by saying that people make mistakes, the person I am addressing in this post is not an evil human being.

Nick (named changed) and I met when I was sixteen, I was a little immature for a sixteen year old at the time and found him interesting because he was older and so independent. When he came to pick me up for our first date he waited out in the truck and honked his horn; my mother was less than thrilled. She made me sit next to her at the counter until Continue reading “Telling my Truth: My Mentally Controlling Relationship.”


Lies We Tell Ourselves When We’re in a Mentally Controlling Relationship

It’s hard to know see that you’re in a mentally controlling relationship because the person who is controlling you is probably doing his/her best to make sure you don’t see it that way. And assuming that you love this person who is controlling you, you want to believe that they really do that your best interest at heart.

We tell ourselves that he/she loves us, that they maybe see something that we don’t and that’s the reason they’re trying to control a certain aspect of our lives. When my ex didn’t Continue reading “Lies We Tell Ourselves When We’re in a Mentally Controlling Relationship”

Why You Should Reconsider College.

College was easily the best time of my life. It’s a time in life that has the perfect mix of freedom and security. You can stumble into your dorm room while the sun is coming up and sleep until your first class at 1pm, and you can always call your parents when you need some extra money to buy an e-book for that class you had hoped would be an easy A. Showing up to class hungover is acceptable (usually) and for me personally, it’s where I learned a lot about myself. Continue reading “Why You Should Reconsider College.”