Why You Should Reconsider College.

College was easily the best time of my life. It’s a time in life that has the perfect mix of freedom and security. You can stumble into your dorm room while the sun is coming up and sleep until your first class at 1pm, and you can always call your parents when you need some extra money to buy an e-book for that class you had hoped would be an easy A. Showing up to class hungover is acceptable (usually) and for me personally, it’s where I learned a lot about myself. Continue reading “Why You Should Reconsider College.”


This is the post excerpt.

I’m just trying to be myself, which is hard in a world that is so judgmental. I’ve tried to write blogs but I got too serious about it, then I tried to write books but was too critical of myself. I’m just trying to find a way to write (which I like doing) and be happy. Life is good, but also crazy. Jeez, you wouldn’t imagine the weird shit that’s happened to me.